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Geek: Chapter 7Warning:This story contains descriptions of consenting males engaging in
sexual acts. If you don't want to read it, or it is illegal for you to,
then please leave. Also, Freaks and Geeks, and all related characters, are
property of Dreamworks. I intend no copyright infringement.To his credit, Sam had forgiven Neal weeks ago. Hell, if they could be
cool after trying to strangle each other and dumpung acid on the carpet,
Sam figured there wasn't much that could wholely destroy their friendship.
So when Neal called, apologizing, Sam was more than happy to reciprocate.
They had already planned to meet up with Bill and bike around the
neighborhood the next day.But that night as Sam lay in bed, he became troubled about why he'd acted
the way he did in the first place. child fuck cp illegal Why had he not just told Neal that he
knew Lindsey was fine? Why not just tell him she ran asian cp photos
away to follow the
Dead? Why did Sam enjoy making Neal squirm? As Sam rolled it over and
over in his mind, he slowly put it together. cp620 latex Ever since he found out that
Neal was secretly in love with Lindsey, he felt alone, betrayed and
unimportant. Sam had alwaysed loved the way Neal made him feel; they were
best friends, and Neal's company always made Sam feel warm and special.
But before he could allow too much truth to surface, Sam settled for, "I've
been mean to Neal because I thought he liked Linsey better." The Weir men
were exceptionally talented at denying reality to themselves in order to
have a tidy answer to complex emotions.Early the next morning, there was a knock on the door. Sam ran to his
window and saw Neal waiting at outside. Sam quickly finished putting his
shoes on and ran out the door yelling, "Bye Ma! We're going ls cp magzine
biking, I'll
be back later," as he left.When he stepped outside Sam saw Neal standing beside his bike in one of his
smaller, older vests. Unable to hold back his relief at seeing Neal again,
Sam ran over and hugged him hard. Neal, pervert that he is, took the
advantage to feel Sam's butt a little. After the hug had gone on too long,
both got worried the other would suspect something, and broke off quickly.
Sam asked where thay were headed, and Neil awkwardly replied that it was a
cool, out of the way cpt coding female genital place he found during their estrangement.They rode wthout a word, through the streets of their little town. Sam had
never been around russian nn cp kiddie this part before, but Neal knew a lot after biking around
well into the night with the garage door clicker. When finnally they
arrived, Neal propped his bike against a tree and began Illegal cp walking into the
patch of forest.Growths of trees in suburbs are never very big, but this one was nice,
secluded, and quiet. Neal walked in a bit and sat on a large rock that was
next to russian nn cp kiddie a falen log he'd moved there earlier. Neal was not going to let
anything go to chance; he planned everything about that night before it
happened."So..." Sam said with a nervous grin, as be began examining his shoes for
signs of wear."Okay, look Sam. I have something very important and very prvate to tell
you.""Umm... umm, okay?" said Sam, his voice cracking a little with the
questioning tone. He was more than a little unnerved that he was
subconciously adopting the same stupidity he always had when he talked with
Cindy Sanders."Well, Sam. I..." Neal trailed off. He took a deep breath and swollowed
hard. "Sam..." he stalled for more time. "SamI'mgay" came out in one
syllable."Excuse me, what?""I said... I said I'm gay, Sam.""No Neal, I heard what you said. I just don't know cp dress good why you said it."[Enjoy? Tell me about it. Intruiged? Tell me to write more.
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